Monday, December 29, 2008

2008, in review

2008 has come and gone
yet still we watch with TVs on
Paris, Lauren, and the like,
while veejays yap into their mike.
MTV leads us astray
while still, we sit and greet the day
with thoughts not of Bush or bombs or books,
but of which new celebrity pic was took
by some poor slob searching for a hook.

While Mumbai hotels are blown apart
by radicals who preach their form as art,
we look to celebs who shine with glee
over Suri, Zahara, and Bronx Mowgli.
Nevermind Fritzel who in Austria hid
seven kids, his daughter's! from what he did
From such events we should have shook,
Were we not caught by Palin's look
and demands for Hil Clinton to cook.

Obama's voice called out for change
and among the people there was a range,
of celebrities like Will.I.Am
who sought to lead our attention from glam.
He won, he did it, they have their man
so why has Harper not yet got the can?
For leading us to certain debt
While Dion and Layton lost their bet
For now, the proroguement is what we get.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

sex appeal

a recent article from the Globe&Mail, titled Sex Appeal noted the willingness of young, stereotypically beautiful women to work as sports broadcasters when given the opportunity. at the same time, it pointed out the fact that these women are no more than eye candy for the target male audience.

they are not hired for their intelligence or industry-savvyness. they are hired because their target demographic is one of males who have been raised in a society that sells women as objects of desire. i have come to the recent opinion that any woman who belittles herself to work in a position where she is valued solely for her beauty is either naive to the purpose of her employment or else lacking all measure of self-respect.

some might argue that these women are creatively manipulating the system to their own advantage, making a profitable contract though understanding of the market. myself, i would argue that it doesn't matter how much money they make or how stable their contract is. my journalism professor at Carleton once told us that "our reputation is sacrosanct in journalism." what possible good could come of a reputation or wealth based from a willingful exploitation of a person's dignity?

for me, no contract or paycheque could ever be worth selling myself out as eye-candy. these girls are not journalists, and do a diservice to the journalistic industry by selling out their intelligence for a three-year contract. women need to be taking a moral stance of issues such as commodificaton of the female body in an industry that is using them as bait to attract horny men. we need to recognize that while we may be physically attractive, we are worth more than our looks. but hey, that's just a piece of this mind.