Wednesday, April 22, 2009


The Tamil Tigers have spent the last week protesting in front of Parliament Hill. Now, they have announced plans to launch a hunger strike and continue their protests for as long as it takes for the Canadian government to intervene.

The Tigers were recently condemned for extorting money from Canadian Tamils in order to raise money for their war against the Sri Lankan government, whom they claim are slaughtering innocent Tamils.

This is the same group who has been labelled as a terrorist organization by the Canadian government for their use of child soldiers (UNICEF has said that they have recorded 6 000 cases of child soldiers used by Tamils between 2003 and 2006). This is the group who begs the Canadian government to intervene, waving posters that record the number of "innocent women and children" that are being killed by Sri Lankan soldiers. Meanwhile, the Tigers are notorious for their use of women and children in suicide attacks. I am curious as to how many of the women they count are ones who strapped a vest around their body and blew themselves up.

While the civilians who protest at Parliament Hill are not bad people, I worry about the fury that will be indoctrinated into Canadian-Tamil youth as this ethnic war rages on. The protesting Tamils are blaming the Canadian government for not acting to stop the Sri Lankan government, yet they continue to engage in warfare. It is one thing for a group to be attacked by government forces as is the case in Darfur. It is another one completely for the group to have taken the first step towards militant aggression and then ask for help when they realize that they are losing what they started.

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