Thursday, June 18, 2009

so I guess Ted Bundy had two working parents...

Call it a nail in the coffin or career suicide; either way, Iris Evans' comment on child-raising is sure to see some swift repercussions.

The Alberta finance minister made her controversial comments this week at the Economic Club of Canada in Toronto. She told the crowd, "when you're raising children, you don't go off to work and leave them for somebody else to raise."

It gets worse.

"The huge failure of Canadians is not to educate the children properly, and then why should we be surprised when they have mental illnesses or commit dreadful crimes?" she said.

Let me get this straight. So if someone has a mental illness or is psychopathic, its their mother's fault for not staying at home to raise them?? I guess Ted Bundy and Paul Bernardo and Vincent Li would all be happy, loving people if their mothers had cleaned and cooked and tucked them into bed every night, right?

Who cares about hormonal imbalances, sexual abuse, and other factors that drove these individuals to commit their horrific acts when its just oh so easy to blame the problems on having a working mother? Apparently misogynistic behaviour would not exist if only mothers would stay at home with their children. Because that doesn't encourage sexist, irrational, stereotypical notions of aggressive masculinity at all.

Note to self: if you don't want your child to grow up to be an axe-murderer, you better quit your job and be a nice quiet housewife.

...Screw that.

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